[bcn-pm] 2008 Scripting Games

Luis Motta Campos luismottacamposayahoo.co.uk
Dij Feb 7 01:51:45 PST 2008

Bruno wrote:
> Hola
> 2008/2/6, Sergio Arias <sergio at codigo.com>:
>> 5. What do the letters in Perl stand for?
>> A. Nothing; Perl is not an acronym.
>> B. Performance Enhancing Relational Language.
>> C. Paul, Eileen, Roger, and Lily (the names of the
>>    developer's children)
>> D. Programming: Easy, Rational, Logistical
> Puessss... podemos seguir este camino y explicar el nombre de Windows:
> Well, It's Not DOS, Otherwise Wouldn't Sell

Sempre pensei que Windows fosse "Will Install Needless Data On Whole 

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