[bcn-pm] What's "Kwalitee", anyway?

Alex Muntada alexmaalexm.org
Div Feb 1 09:12:07 PST 2008



What's "Kwalitee", anyway?

I'll hand the micropohone over to Schwern
(or rather: I'll copy'n'paste from his old CPANTS slides):

  What is a good module? That's hard to say.
  What is good code? That's also hard to say.
  "Quality" is not a well-defined term in computing ... and especially not Perl.
  One man's Thing of Beauty is another's man's Evil Hack
  Since we can't define quality, how do we write a program to assure it?

Schwern decided to cleverly avoid this problem by not testing
for quality but for Kwalitee: It looks like quality, it sounds like quality,
but it's not quite quality.

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