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Dme Mar 28 05:44:19 PDT 2007

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Subject: ParrotCode meeting this week
From:    "Will Coleda" <willacoleda.com>
Date:    Tue, March 27, 2007 14:52
To:      parrot-portersaperl.org

"Each week, a group of developers working on Parrot and Parrot-related 
projects gathers online to discuss progress, changes and the state of the 
metaphorical weather. This meeting currently occurs each Tuesday at 18:30 
UTC, in the #parrotsketch channel on irc (irc.perl.org)."

Today, in addition to the usual committer reports, I'd like us to discuss 
branching and how we expect developers to (ab)use the repository, what 
expectations, if any, we have about trunk, etc.

If you have input on this issue, but don't normally report at
#parrotsketch,  please speak up in #parrot before the meeting.

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