[bcn-pm] Google employment opportunity (per a Perl hackers?)

Igor Sutton Lopes igor.suttonagmail.com
Diu Mar 11 06:26:43 PDT 2007

On 2007/03/11, at 13:11, Xavier Noria wrote:

> Val a dir que tinc amics que han estat contactats amb el mateix modus
> operandi i no son Perleros.

Hrm, so Google is indexing also good professionals on internet :-D A  
swedish friend and I were talking about an article he found once  
called 'How take care of your geek' on wednesday, and we cited Oracle  
and Google about being a nice place to work and also said that 'we  
could work for free if our bills were paid and all gadgets were given  
by the company'.

I was really afraid they were also indexing bar conversations!

Hrm, well, actually this possibility still exists: do you see a  
pattern on the kind of conversation :-) ?

Igor Sutton
igor.sutton at gmail.com

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