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Div Set 29 09:56:54 PDT 2006

Compartiendo coches (vaya no tiene mucho que ver con Perl pero
estabamos hablando
de esto anoche): http://www.avancar.es/cat/index.asp

Y el otro tema es la possibildad de imprimir nuestras camisetas, Jay
ha aņadido el siguente
a http://omaha.pm.org/shirts.shtml

Image / Trademark Info

> Is the design available electronically, and
> would it be free for me to use that design, copyright-wise?

    * The artwork (JPG): 16KB thumbnail, 1MB "high res"
    * The camel is an O'Reilly trademark.
    * The onion is a Perl Foundation trademark.
    * I have asked for and received camel and onion permissions in the
past. All of that info is on the Omaha Perl Mongers wiki.

We're riding the coattails of a screen that was set up years ago
(circa 1996!?) at the printing company below. I do not have specific
permission to use these logos for these shirts, I'm assuming that
permission was granted years ago when the first screen was established
for the first print run.

AFAIK neither O'Reilly nor The Perl Foundation have ever asked anyone
for any fee to use their trademarks for non-profity stuff like these
Joel Pinckheard     http://www.pincky.com/

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