[bcn-pm] YAPC::Europe::2003 (Barcelona)

Tim Allen tallen at oportuna.es
Fri May 9 04:33:45 CDT 2003

Hola David,
I am the coordinator for Barcelona Perl Mongers.

Sorry not to respond earlier-- actually, I did respond, but your mail server
rejected my email address (zeno at timallen.org).  I am writing from my work

Anyway, your message is welcome, no problem.  What I wanted to tell you in
my original email is that the Barcelona PM is also willing to help in any
way that we can to help make YAPC::Europe::2003 a success.  We have a big
meeting on the 15th of May, and I will mention the YAPC::Europe::2003 there.
If you have anything that we can do to help you, please tell me as soon as
possible and I will tell the people in our group about it.

By the way, if you do need to write directly to the group, try to do so in
Spanish.  We all understand English, but of course Catalan and Spanish are
our primary languages.  If you don't have anyone who speaks Spanish, of
course English will be just fine.

Thanks for organizing the event.  Un abrazo.
Tim Allen
Barcelona Perl Mongers

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From: "David Elbez" <lacravate at mongueurs.net>
To: "Tim Allen" <zeno at timallen.org>
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 4:49 PM
Subject: YAPC::Europe::2003

> Hi Tim,
> I am David of the YAPC::Europe::2003 organising committee.
> The conference will take place in three and a half months,
> precisely on July 23-25. We feel we need to communicate a
> little bit about the event and what better network is there
> than the Perl Mongers? :)
> Even though it may prove a difficult task, I am inclined to
> address directly the potential attendees and answer any
> questions they may have.
> I have already subscribed to your mailing list to be able to post
> a message and I would like your opinion about this idea, before
> going ahead.
> Feel free to tell me what is appropriate regarding the policy
> of your mailing list. My goal is to promote the conference
> and sending mail that could be wrongly perceived would be the
> opposite of this goal.
> Of course, just don't bother to answer if you don't have anything
> to say. :)
> If everything is alright, the above-mentioned announcement will
> come along within a few days.
> Hope to see you and the members of Barcelona.pm in Paris!
> Regards,
> David, on behalf of the YAPC::Europe::2003 committee.

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