[Banking-pm] Introducing myself

IvorW ns7d-l3x0 at xemaps.com
Mon Sep 11 01:57:02 PDT 2006

As everyone's saying "Hello" on this list, here's a quick bio.

I've been working in the Financial Services sector continuously from May 1997. Before this I have worked in IT for retail, manufacturing and distribution, the National Health Service, book publishing, and market research.

>From May 1997, I have worked for a software house and data vendor, two investment banks, an exchange and a clearing house. 

I'm currently employed by Sopra Newell & Budge, an international consultancy headquartered in France. I'm currently at LCH.Clearnet (London Clearing House), where I have been from February 2003.

I have introduced much Perl to LCH, including the use of CPAN modules. I'm using Perl in my role as "Application Support", for log file analysis and monitoring, GUI front ends (Tk), Sybase data access (yes, I have managed to get Class::DBI and Sybase to work together), SWIFT data munging and test automation. The application I am looking after is written in C++, but Perl has proved very useful in supplying industrial strength glue and duct tape.

Those in london.pm will know me, as will those who attend YAPC::EU. I tend to hang out on irc as ivorw, and my PAUSE ID is IVORW. On Perlmonks, I am known as rinceWind.

I am using a DEA to subscribe and post to this list. Note that this means that any replies I post from work will be missing In-reply-to headers. This is because of the horrendous disclaimers that get added if I use a normal email client.

Ivor Williams.

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