[Banking-pm] Any newbies?

Dean Wilson dwilson at unixdaemon.net
Sat Sep 9 03:51:19 PDT 2006

On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 04:36:27PM +0100, alex at owal.co.uk wrote:
> Have we persuaded anybody to join the list who doesnt work in finance -
> but is thinking about it?

Yep. As long as you all sound happy working in it anyway :)

I'm Dean Wilson, I'm London born and based and I'm here to see what's
happening in the banking world these days.

The short version of my employment history: I spent nearly two and a half
years employed at JPMorgan, moving from back office, to middle
office to trade support before I was persuaded to go and do web stuff in
2000; my timing was less than ideal :) My progression from VBA to perl
happened at the same time and I've not been able to kick the language

I did a couple of startups as a perl developer (Oven, which went bang, and
WebPerform which we sold) before switching over to doing Unix/Linux system
administration. I spent an amazingly frustrating year as sysadmin at a
small (and shrinking) financial data provider I won't name and wouldn't use
before heading over to a Bupa company where I picked up chunks of ISO17799
and BS7799 and lost most of my HPUX skills due to lack of use.

I'm currently working at an orange loving Canon owned company as a system
admin and using perl to write monitoring and maintance tools.

Outside of work I organise a number of technical events in London and
help out a handful of OpenSource / Free software groups.

In addition to finding out what banks actually use these days I'd like to
regain some basic domain knowledge, pointers to decent books would
be appreciated. I'm also going to try and pick Nik Claytons brains on his
system baseline testing :)

Dean Wilson             http://www.unixdaemon.net
Profanity is the one language all programmers understand
  --- Anon

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