[Banking-pm] Any newbies?

Alex McLintock alex at owal.co.uk
Sat Sep 9 02:20:26 PDT 2006

David Cantrell wrote:

[a swearword]

(with list admin hat on)
I am reluctant to start moderating this list - it would be too time 
consuming but since it is primarily about work life then its content 
should be safe for work
I dont really want to have to create rules to specify exactly what that 
means but I dont think it includes swearing unprovoked.

David, please refrain from swearing on this list. Thanks.

(taking off list admin hat)
I just dont see what David is doing here posting that apart from 
trolling. He made the same point on London.pm which I was amused at. 
After all I find a lot of London.pm quite obnoxious and wouldnt give 
them employment. It seems quite funny to me that David was complaining 
about people's bad behavior whilst himself exhibiting bad behavior. 
However something tells me that he wasn't trying to be funny.

His point is a valid one - even if he made it in a rude way. The banking 
world is stressful and you get to work with a lot of people who make 
three times as much as you do - and they are often full of themselves. 
This is a perfectly acceptable topic of conversation for Banking.pm

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