[Banking-pm] WCIT

Billy Abbott billy at cowfish.org.uk
Fri Sep 8 08:59:34 PDT 2006

On Fri, 8 Sep 2006, Dave Cross wrote:

> Has anyone had any contact with Worshipful Company of Information
> Technologists (http://www.wcit.org.uk/). They are one of the newer
> City Livery Companies.

I tried - I emailed 3 or 4 times and even gave them a call, but I got no 
answer to either. I do recruiting and training stuff here as well as code, 
so having a "we work towards making our engineers journeyman of the WCIT" 
might have been a nice tag line, in addition to my own membership of 

I am now just off the north edge of The City, so I don't know if they'd 
take me any more. If anyone has got in contact with them I'm still very 
much interested to see if they'd have me.


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