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alex at owal.co.uk alex at owal.co.uk
Fri Sep 8 07:53:21 PDT 2006


I'm Alex McLintock. Ive been contracting in London for more years than I
care to remember - mostly doing web stuff but more recently concentrating
on banking. I went to Imperial College as did many other members of

I dont turn up much to London.pm social meetings because they clash with
the London Science Fiction Circle pub meeting on the first Thursday of the

I've done contracts for Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers, Brevan Howard, KBC
Financial Products, and most recently a certain company with a famous
building in the City.

Deutsche Bank was my entry into banking - I was using perl to help build
their C++ pricing application. The financial stuff was done by other
people but it first introduced me to the environment.

At Lehman Brothers I worked in Fixed Income Analytics - basically being a
web developer providing financial information - such as time series and
the like - to the internal traders. This was both Java and perl/

At Brevan Howard I was involved in feeding data into a Murex trading
system   - and more importantly taking reports coming out of it and
feeding them elsewhere. I did a lot of reconciliation between similar
looking files in perl - there is no way that diff by itself could cut it

Bored yet?

At KBC I spent three months debugging a reporting application which
generated spreadsheets for accountants. This was in their Fund Derivative

Currently I am using perl and java on a Risk reporting system. We take
data from all over the company, mung it together in a database, and have a
fancy system for viewing that data.

Questions? There will be a test later.


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