[Banking-pm] My fellow contractors!

Almond Technologies andy at almond-technologies.co.uk
Mon Dec 18 05:11:06 PST 2006

I know this is a list about banking perl workers, but you seem
like a knowledgeable bunch, so I thought I'd throw this one open to you:

When adding VAT to invoices, does the resultant VAT get rounded up or down?

I'm on a rate that ends in 5, and calculating VAT on this gives:

5*0.0175 = .0875

Should that be 8p or 9p on my invoice?

Or, given that's a daily rate, do I only round off the total figure?

Thanks in advance,


Andrew White, Almond Technologies Ltd. Reg. company no. 5383888
E:andy at almond-technologies.co.uk P:+44 7749 418194

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