[Bandung-pm] Your own health and the health of those you love is something to be cherished.

Caitlin Goss invulnerabilityoi9096 at aksl.de
Mon Jan 21 01:36:16 PST 2008

Holy wellFor more than 5 years V jnk ia hk gr ul a has helped us to be like sup px erm ig an in b gsy ad.
Our wifes and gerlfriends admire us!
We must continue to answer their exp swc ectat ixr ions, you know.
Vi fno a gy gr ud a is our only way to "stay in turn".
But it's so expensive by Pfi xmh zer!!!
I found a real si iw te a few days ago, the pr kpe ic nr es are so cheap but the quality is the same!
1 pi fp ll of V rz ia huy gr xlr a co dp sts ON ky LY $1.43!!!
Ad vyg vi scw se you to see it in your own eyes.

Vi wt sit our ph dc ar crq ma llk cy and make your choice. &nbsp http://home.graffiti.net/ralphfeinberg/
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