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Anyone interested in doing this? (we'd be behind by a few days)

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Subject: [pm_groups] Announcement - Dallas/Ft Worth Perl Mongers Hackathon
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 I just ran this announcement on Google+ and PerlMonks.org.  If you have a
blog or facebook account you could share the news there as well.  We'd
appreciate it.  All groups are invited:


You could call it the DFW.pm's "Winter of Code". You could call it a
contest. You could call it fun. You could call it Perl...

...And you'd be right!

DFW.pm (now joined by New York's NY.pm)  is holding in a competition that
runs from now until January 8th when the code of each competitor will be
pitted against the others in a live Google hangout world-wide Perl Mongers

The aim of the competition is to "deduplicate" 100 gigabytes of random file
data, using Perl, as fast as possible. If your code can do it the fastest,
without killing the contest server, you win. The winner gets to choose the
topic of the next hackathon competition (and/or host it), and gets the
recognition of having won a world-wide competition in Perl.

*The competition is open to all*, provided a few criteria are met which
establish legitimacy of participation. If you want to compete, YOU'RE

Full details can be read on the dfw.pm.org website.

The contest is discussed on The DFW.pm mailing

The hackathon was organized by Tommy Butler and John Fields of Dallas, TX,
and is being hosted by the Dallas Makerspace.  Our resources are finite, so
we may have to stop accepting entries if server load gets too high.  Get
your notice of intention to participate to the mailing list asap.

--Tommy Butler

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