[baltimorepm] Baltimore-pm Digest, Vol 16, Issue 2

Archie warnock at awcubed.com
Thu Aug 9 07:45:41 PDT 2012

Depending on the date, I'd be interested in attending.  I'm about 2.5 
myself, just starting to transition from long-time use of svn to git so 
a good basic overview would be helpful.

On 8/9/2012 10:36 AM, Dawn Wallis wrote:
> Cool - Let's use this numbering :)
> 1. What's git?
> 2. Is that like SVN/CVS?
> 3. GitHub's pretty, I push my gits onto their repos all the time!
> 4. Yeah, git's cool, I even use git-flow (cause I'm cool like that)
> 5. I hate you, do a talk on Mercurial instead. (disclaimer: I can't,
> but I'd love to know more about it, if you can)
> 6. I don't even bother with porcelain, I write my own commit blobs in
> the repo directory by hand.
> 7. Play Free Bird!
> I rank myself at 2.5, and yes I'm attending.



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