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Hi Stephen,

I'd be interested in hearing more about git...  especially anything around working with people on a project via github... branching strategies..  forking and merging.. pull requests... etc..


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Hey all,

I've been talking with Dawn about doing a talk on git this month, but before I really got too deep into planning it, I was hoping to gauge what level people consider themselves to be at (so I don't talk for 20 minutes and tell you things you knew 5 years ago).

So, when I say git, you say:

  1. What's git?
  2. Is that like SVN/CVS?
  2. GitHub's pretty, I push my gits onto their repos all the time!
  3. Yeah, git's cool, I even use git-flow (cause I'm cool like that)
  4. I hate you, do a talk on Mercurial instead. (disclaimer: I can't, but I'd love to know more about it, if you can)
  5. I don't even bother with porcelain, I write my own commit blobs in the repo directory by hand.
  6. Play Free Bird!

Obviously, while I don't mind hearing back from anyone/everyone, I'd like to make sure the presentation's tailored to the people who intend to be at next week's meeting; so, if you want to answer but don't intend to come, just let me know that's the case. If brevity's your cup of tea, you can even just respond with a numbered answer and a "y/n" for attending/not attending (I won't be offended with brief replies, though maybe the group's opinion on them differs).

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