[baltimorepm] Meeting Tonite!

Brad Lhotsky brad.lhotsky at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 07:52:23 PDT 2011

I've updated the website with the agenda.  I've opted for a shorter
meeting this month as I've been busy.

Come on out and see cool things!!  If you weren't there last month, I
will have copies of the free eBooks for you.

Also, there are over a hundred folks on this list and only 8 responses
to my poll for meeting dates/times.  I really would like to get to at
least 10% of the folks on the list before we adjust the time and date
and the leading option would exclude a few regulars and the consensus
of attendees is "Thursday, 7pm works fine."

If you are unsatisfied with the options for meeting times, please feel
free to contact me directly about why you are unable to attend.  Is it
location? Is it perceived value?  Do you hate pizza?  How can we get
the first timers out to a meeting?

How can Baltimore.PM be a more valuable resource to you as a list
subscriber?  Do you want more companies involved, (read: potential
future employers) ? Do you want a library? Do you want a social
meeting?  Do you want a picnic?  Do you want to rent a boat in the
inner harbor and go for an evening cruise/sail/dinner?  I can come up
with ideas all day and night, but I'd prefer to hear from the folks on
the list.


Brad Lhotsky

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