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Hello waldo at cos.com, 

Bookpool <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/ho>  is offering all
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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130273635> Thinking in Java
By Bruce Eckel
Bruce Eckel is the author of Thinking in C++, which won the Software
Development Jolt Award for best book on 1995. Thinking in Java covers Swing
classes, servlets, Java Server, Jini, Java spaces ,Server-side Java,
javlets, Java Server pages, and more. More...
Our Price: $25.95   *   You Save: $19.04 (42%)    *    

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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130893404> Core Servlets and
Javaserver Pages Jsp
By Marty Hall
Servlets and JavaServer Pages dramatically simplify the creation of dynamic
web pages and web-enabled applications. This book is composed of three major
sections, each including detailed coverage of the official specs, and fully
documented, production-quality examples. More...
Our Price: $24.75   *   You Save: $18.24 (42%)    *    

 <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130819344>  42% Off!
<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130819344> Core Java 2, Volume
II: Advanced Features
By Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell
Over 250,000 programmers have relied on Core Java to master the fundamentals
of Java technology. This second volume provides developers the comprehensive
guide they need to solve real-world problems. It covers advanced topics such
as streams, security, threading and multitasking and networking, as well as
JDBC RMI and the new Swing GUI. More...
Our Price: $25.95   *   You Save: $19.04 (42%)    *    

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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130206016> Unix System
Administration Handbook, Third Edition
By Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein, et al.
Here is the revision of the bestselling Unix system administration book on
the market. New to this edition are: Detailed coverage of LINUX; UNIX
interoperating with NT/95 platforms; IPv6; Firewalls; Separate Chapter on
Routing; and a new chapter on Web Hosting Issues. More...
Our Price: $52.95   *   You Save: $15.05 (22%)   *   

 <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130125075>  22% Off!
<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130125075> Java How to Program
By Harvey Deitel and Paul Deitel
Written by the authors of the world's best-selling introductory C and C++
texts, this state-of-the-art guide fully examines the new Java 2 platform
with coverage of many advanced topics, such as JDBC, RMI and Javabeans. The
introductory chapters have been entirely rewritten so as to provide a gentle
introduction to the material stressing problem solving. More...
Our Price: $54.50   *   You Save: $15.50 (22%)    *    

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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130894680> Core Java 2 Volume 1:
By By Cay Horstmann and Gary Cornell
Hot of the Press! This international best seller is now thoroughly updated
to cover the fundamentals of Sun's brand-new JDK 1.3, Core Java 2, Volume 1:
Fundamentals offers completely revised discussions of object-oriented Java
development, JDK 1.3's enhanced Swing user interface components, and much
more. Ask any experienced JavaTM programmer: Core Java delivers the
real-world guidance you need to accomplish even the most challenging tasks.
More... <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130894680>  
Our Price: $25.95   *   You Save: $19.04 (42%)    *   

 <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130895717>  22% Off!
<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130895717> C++ How to Program
By Harvey M. Deitel and Paul Deitel
This book uses "live-code" approach to develop sound programming practices
and provides extensive exercise sets. The new edition includes an optional
case study on object-oriented design using the UML at the end of the first 9
chapters, has a CD with each book that includes source code and Microsoft
Visual C++ compiler software, and is published in full color to show the
syntax coloring of the program code. More...
Our Price: $54.50   *   You Save: $15.50 (22%)    *    

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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130212229> Unix Shells by Example
By Ellie Quigley
One book is all you need to learn UNIX shell programming! UNIX Shells by
Example, Second Editionis your complete, step-by-step guide to three
essential UNIX shells -- C, Bourne, and Korn -- and three essential UNIX
shell programming utilities, awk, sed and grep. This new Second Edition is
better than ever, with even more classroom-proven examples from Silicon
Valley's top UNIX instructor, Ellie Quigley! More...
Our Price: $28.95   *   You Save: $21.04 (42%)    *   

 <http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0137488807>  22% Off!
<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0137488807> Applying UML and
By Craig Larman
The first book to apply the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to communicating
object-oriented analysis and design results. You'll learn the fundamental
concepts of object-oriented analysis and design, and then walk step-by-step
through the entire process of analysis and design using a single case study
that takes full advantage of UML and design patterns. More...
Our Price: $36.50   *   You Save: $10.50 (22%)   *    

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<http://www.bookpool.com/.x/SSSSSSSUBS/sm/0130183806> Internetworking With
By Douglas Comer
Leading Internet expert Douglas Comer has updated his classic, superb
introduction to TCP/IP-based internetworking. Reflecting advanced new
technologies such as IPv6, RSVP and Mobile IP -- and including updated,
crystal-clear explanations of basic routing and internetworking, this
brand-new edition will betheinvaluable resource for anyone who wants to
understand the nuts and bolts of the Internet. More...
Our Price: $52.25   *   You Save: $14.75 (22%)   *    


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