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I got this from MJD (Mark-Jason Dominus) and
thought someone may be interested.
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> Subject:	Internals of Perl Core Modules Tutorial
> This year I'll be doing new tutorials on the Perl Whirl.  One is
> called `Internals of Perl Core Modules'.  I need to practice this
> before I go on the cruise, so I'll be giving the tutorial in
> Philadelphia next month.  If you were to attend on the cruise, you
> would pay a whole buncha money.  But you can come to my practice
> session for $5.  Any money I have left over after expenses will be
> donated to the Free Software Foundation.
> The tutorial will be at 6 PM on Thursday, 25 May at the University of
> Pennsylvania Literacy Center at 3910 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia.
> It will end around 9:30 or 10:00 PM.
> (Note that this is *not* the same tutorial that I am giving at the same
> place at the same time on a different day.  That other tutorial is
> `Advanced Programming Techniques'.)
> Here's the brochure description:
>         Prerequisites: Some perl experience, basic familiarity with
>                        packages, objects, references, and modules.
>         This class will be aimed at intermediate Perl users. We will
>         look at important and commonly used perl modules like
>         Exporter, File::Find, DBI, Search::Dict, CGI, Time::Local,
>         AutoLoader, Carp, and others. Each of these is commonly used,
>         and I'll show briefly what it is good for and how to use it,
>         including surprising applications and little-known but
>         valuable features. But the important part of this class is
>         that we'll also go inside the code and see how these powerful
>         but poorly-understood modules work on the inside. Each one was
>         written by a master Perl programmer and can provide many
>         insights into valuable Perl strategies and tactics. 
> You must make an advance reservation; I have room for only 30 people.
> To reserve, please send an email message to
>         mjd-perl-practice at
> I'd like it if this notice could be circulated to other groups that
> might be interested, so to give it a chance to circulate, I'm going to
> disregard any mail I receive asking for a reservation unless it
> arrives after 9AM tomorrow.  Please circulate this message widely to
> anyone you think might be interested.  (Adam, please send it to PLUG;
> David, please send it to  Thanks.)
> If I get more than 30 requests for reservations, articipants will
> be selected by me based on some combination of:
>          * Promptness of response  (ignoring responses that arrive before
> 9AM)
>          * Random drawing
>          * Blatant favoritism
> I wanted to say that I hoped to see lots and lots of people there, but
> unfortunately we only have room for 30.
> My grateful thanks to Steve Linberg and to the Penn Literacy Center
> for providing the space and AV equipment for my talk.

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