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>In his keynote address to the O'Reilly Second Open Source
>Convention, Larry Wall laid out his vision for the future
>development of Perl 6.  Larry reports that "Perl 6
>development has began in earnest".
>The next version of Perl is a chance for the language
>developers to both rewrite the internals and externals of
>Perl based on their experience from developing Perl 5, and
>Chip Salzenbergs work with Topaz. Larry promises that Perl
>6 will be "better, stronger, faster" and that there will be
>a clear, clean migration path from Perl 5 to Perl 6.  A
>preview release of should be available by next summer.
>Perl 6 will use a development model that draws from the
>lessons learned from perl5-porters and other large open
>source projects such as the Apache web server and the Linux
>operating system. Development topics will be assigned to
>working groups which will work under a central project
>manager.  Nat Torkington is the interim project manager.
>Details will be made available in the Perl 6 section of
>The current major release of Perl will continue to be
>supported.  The maintenance track will be led by Jarkko
>Hietaniemi. Current development tracks, such as Unicode
>support, will be finished in Perl 5.
>Interested developers can subscribe to the Perl 6
>development mailing list by sending a message to
>bootstrap-subscribe at perl.org.
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