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>From: Uri Guttman <uri at sysarch.com>
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>Subject: golf invite
>lease forward this to the monger group leaders and ask them to forward
>it to their local lists. note, they have first crack at registering and
>in a few days i will announce it everywhere else. you can say something
>to that effect (and it is in the invitation too).
>	Announcing the First Annual Perl Golf Apocalypse
>Larry Wall, the father of Perl, has observed that the three virtues of a
>programmer are laziness, impatience, and hubris.  Laziness has been
>explained as doing more with less. A variation of that is doing the same
>with less. For quite a while the newsgroup comp.lang.perl.misc has had
>threads where each poster was trying to solve a basic problem with
>shorter code than the previous post. This type of coding competition was
>named Perl Golf by Greg Bacon because in both Perl and physical golf the
>goal is to finish with the fewest (key)strokes.
>Now the Perl Golf Committee (led by Uri, who conceived the idea) has been
>hard at work organizing a Perl Golf Tournament for the 4th Perl Conference
>in Monterey this July.
>The Perl Golf Apocalypse (PGA) is for 10 teams, each comprised of up to 3
>Perl hackers. Each team will be given its own computer to use and will
>to try to solve a set of simple problems by writing a short piece of
>Perl code.  Each team must submit its code, which will then be tested and
>compared to the answers from the other teams.  Each problem (or hole as
>we call them) will be given to all the teams at the same time and will
>have a time limit (about 5-7 minutes, depending on the hole).  There
>will be 9 holes in all and after 4 of them the 5 lowest scoring teams
>will be cut (just like in real golf tournaments).
>There are three ways to score points on a hole.
>   * First, if the code submitted by a team correctly solves the
>     problem, 1 point is awarded.
>   * Second, the correct answer with the fewest keystrokes is awarded 6
>     points with the next two runners up getting 5 and 4 points each.
>   * Third, the correct answer which was submitted the earliest, is
>     awarded 3 points with the next two runners up getting 2 and 1 points
>     each.
>So a team can earn a maximum of 10 points on one hole.  It is important
>to note that the execution speed of the code is not a factor in scoring.
>The holes will be judged by a Perl script created by us. It will check
>the correctness of all the submissions, rank them by the shortest code
>and also rank them by the timestamps on the submitted answer files. Then
>the script will award points and keep track of scores for each
>team. Another script will be used by the commentators to display the
>current point totals for the teams, the scoring for a given hole and the
>actual code submitted by the teams.
>After all the holes are finished, the teams will be ranked by score, and
>from highest to lowest, they will be allowed to choose their prizes. The
>prize list includes computers, refrigerators stuffed with booty, cruise
>discounts, cdroms, books, clothing, etc.  Everyone who enters the
>tournament is guaranteed a prize.
>Our two guests, Chip Salzenberg and Chris Nandor will provide
>an entertaining commentary on the proceedings.
>This invitation is being sent to the Perl Mongers in advance of other
>groups to give you a first chance to register to play in the PGA.
>Groups of 3 or 2 registering together as a team will be given preference
>over single entrants, so get your local monger group to enter a team.
>Send your registration request to golf at sysarch.com with this
>	Monger Affiliation
>	Team Name
>	Member Count
>	Real name and email for each team member
>	If you are a single entrant, do you want us to put you on a
>	team?
>	Optionally, tell us your level of perl experience
>You can also visit the Perl Golf page at
>http://www.sysarch.com/perl/golf/ which has the PGA rules and
>invitation, the prize and sponsor list, a real golfing thread from
>c.l.p.misc, and more.
>The Perl Golf Apocalypse Team
>Uri Guttman
>Brand Hilton
>Ronald Kimball
>Larry Rosler
>Damian Conway
>Uri Guttman  ---------  uri at sysarch.com  ----------  http://www.sysarch.com
>SYStems ARCHitecture, Software Engineering, Perl, Internet, UNIX Consulting
>The Perl Books Page  -----------  http://www.sysarch.com/cgi-bin/perl_books
>The Best Search Engine on the Net  ----------  http://www.northernlight.com
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