New Baltimore PM meeting place

Rob Manning rmanning at
Fri Nov 12 05:43:41 CST 1999

Over the last few months I've been looking at alternatives
to the meeting place the group currently has "The Daily Grind".
This is due to a number of members having approached me and said that
the background noise from the music and cappuccino machine
make it difficult to hear what's being said by the speaker.
At the last meeting David Waldo of Community of Science
in Fells Point graciously offered the use of his company's conference
room which readily accommodates 15-20 people, has
an Internet connection with a computer and projector,
and provides a quiet setting for us to gather, even past 9:00 p.m.   I met
with him yesterday and he introduced me to the CEO of his company
who was in favor of having us.  Unless there are compelling
reasons not to,  I propose we meet at Community of Science
conference room on December 7 with the intent that if the
group finds it suitable, it will become our new monthly meeting
spot.  Directions to COS can be found at  Parking can be found on
the street (Thames St.) in front of the building, or for $2 you can
park in the parking lot at the end of the building.  David also says it
is o.k. for us to bring food/drink into the building and conference

In addition, we're still looking for someone to give a talk for the December
7 meeting.  It can be on any perl topic you are comfortable speaking about
including current projects you're working on.  If anyone is interested
send me email.


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