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Bruce Bailey bbailey at clark.net
Tue Jul 20 12:23:37 CDT 1999


If we need it for Mark (or any other meeting) I can get us a nice 
conference room (comfortably holds 30 or so) or an okay auditorium (looks 
like a highschool, but it holds hundreds).  Both have access to telephone, 
computer, and laptop with large format display.  I have after-hours access 
to a (not so attractive) computer lab, but it does not (yet!) have Internet 
access.  Refreshments are also available at a nominal cost.

Personally, I would prefer to meet on a college campus.

Bruce Bailey

On Saturday, July 17, 1999 12:26 AM, James W. Sandoz; (BIO;FAC) 
[SMTP:sandoz at umbc.edu] wrote:
> > Will September make it more difficult to get a campus room?
> I dunno.  I spoke to someone whom I thought would know about the rooms,
> and he wasn't sure.  I'd asked about a room with computers, which is a 
> more difficult to arrange, since users have to have accounts.  But Rob
> thinks they won't be necessary.  (Neither do I, now that I think about
> it).
> I don't think September will be a problem.  In the evenings, there
> are plenty of unused classrooms on campus.  I've just got to find out how
> to arrange one and to line up a projector.
> I'm going on vacation Sunday and won't be back on campus or on line until 
> the following week.
> 	Jim
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