Special Guest Speaker

James W. Sandoz; (BIO;FAC) sandoz at umbc.edu
Fri Jul 16 23:26:28 CDT 1999

> Will September make it more difficult to get a campus room?

I dunno.  I spoke to someone whom I thought would know about the rooms,
and he wasn't sure.  I'd asked about a room with computers, which is a bit
more difficult to arrange, since users have to have accounts.  But Rob
thinks they won't be necessary.  (Neither do I, now that I think about
I don't think September will be a problem.  In the evenings, there
are plenty of unused classrooms on campus.  I've just got to find out how
to arrange one and to line up a projector.
I'm going on vacation Sunday and won't be back on campus or on line until 
the following week.

Mr. James W. Sandoz, Instructor, UMBC Dept of Biol Sciences,  
				 1000 Hilltop Circle
				 Catonsville, MD 21250
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