First Meeting

Rob Manning rmanning at
Sat Jul 3 20:56:20 CDT 1999


    I took the wife and kid to "The Daily Grind" cafe today.  It's a
very cool
place.  Lot's of choices for coffee, sandwiches and desserts (Yummy and
I snagged a menu and I'll place it on the
website( if anyone is interested. It
is on the corner of Cold Sring Lane and Schenley Ave.  I talked with one
of  the attendants and she said that groups were no problem and that the
nights would be either Monday or Wednesday.  There is plenty of parking
in back of the building.  One snag however with our current schedule is
that just
recently they've instituted Salsa night on Thursday evenings beginning
at 7:00 p.m.
Apparently there is this fella (I think she said Raoul was his name?)
who gives
free salsa dance lessons.  She said they clear the floor of the tables
and it gets pretty loud.  I'd suggest that we postpone the meeting to
the following week,
perhaps Monday July 12th - that may also give more folks an oppurtunity
come as some have said that this week would be bad for them.  I'm also
available on Wednesday the 14th as well.  If either day is good for
most, perhaps we should
just say we'll meet the second Monday of every month.   Comments?

Rob Manning

P.S. I've also registered us with O'Reilly and Associates so at some
point we should
be able to get discounts ;-)

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