`Perl Hardware Store' talk

Mark-Jason Dominus mjd at plover.com
Mon Aug 30 00:41:15 CDT 1999

Hi, folks.  Rob Manning has graciously invited me to come visit, and
I'll be giving my `Perl Hardware Store' talks, which were very popular
at the big Perl Confererences last year and last month.  The subtitle
of the talk is `Tools you didn't know you needed'.  Each talk presents
six programming techniques, some big and some small, that might be
useful to you in your Perl programming life.

Complete notes for the first of the two talks are available at


if you want to get some advance warning of what I'll be discussing.
The tools I actually present will depend on how much time I have and
what grabs me at the moment.

Afterwards I hope we'll get to hang out somewhere.

I'm looking forward to my visit.  Thanks for inviting me!

Mark-Jason Dominus 	  			               mjd at plover.com

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