Script Question

James W. Sandoz; (BIO;FAC) sandoz at
Thu Aug 26 09:37:33 CDT 1999

OK.  I've written a script which parses a class list sent by our
registrar.  The email is exported and then parsed so that the students can
be entered into a spreadsheet (It's 'prettified' regarding case and each
field becomes comma-separated).  The class list can contain up to 400
students, but in my case contains fewer.
The script works just fine, but it looks awful (that is, not 'perlish').
It's evolved over the past half year. I probably should re-write it from
scratch, but that's a later problem.

If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate them.  Below is a typical class
list email (i hope linewrapping doesn't interfere. Each new line begins
with the SSN). and below that is the perl script.

Email from registrar:

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