object Perl

Craig Freter cfreter at digex.net
Mon Aug 9 15:19:56 CDT 1999


> > I think the procedural interface is easier to read.  Let find out what
> > the rest of you think.
> Craig,
>         Thanks for the two scripts. I agree that the procedural format is
> easier to read and use it exclusively myself. I've never taken the
> time and effort to test drive the oo format.
> Is one 'better' to use than the other for more complicated things:
>         saving state?
>         directing to different pages depending on value of param()?
>         other things?

The CGI module does a good job of preserving state across requests. 
This works the same with either the object or procedural interface.

All that is complex is not useful,
and all that is useful is simple.
                       -- Mikhail Kalashnikov

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