APM: Happy 20th Birthday, Austin Perl Mongers! (And also Happy 64th to Larry Wall!)

jameschoate at austin.rr.com jameschoate at austin.rr.com
Fri Sep 28 09:52:03 PDT 2018

Lordy, that's a long time ago :)

---- "William N. Braswell wrote: 
> Greetings Perl Mongers! Today is the 20th anniversary of Austin Perl
> Mongers being formed on September 27th, 1998. It also happens to be
> Saint Larry's 64th birthday! :-)
> Many thanks to Wayne Walker for his historic website (linked below),
> as well as Mark Lehmann, Bill Raty, and many others over the years,
> all the way through through Jeremy Fluhmann!
> http://austin.pm/archive/index_20000827.html
> Perling,~ Will the Chill, Austin.pm Prez
> PS - Stay tuned for an upcoming Perl Mongers meeting in the
> not-too-distant future! Join our Facebook group if you haven't
> already...
> https://www.facebook.com/groups/austinperlmongers/

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