APM: TOMORROW Dec 17, 3rd Annual Christmas Party, SPECIAL GUEST brian d foy FOUNDER OF ALL PERL MONGERS!

William N. Braswell, Jr. william.braswell at autoparallel.com
Wed Dec 16 16:12:32 PST 2015

Howdy Mongers,
We are meeting tomorrow with our ultra-super-mega-most-special guest
of-all-time... brian d foy!
You do NOT WANT TO MISS this opportunity to meet the founder of all
Perl Mongers!
We will meet at the Austin Hackespace at 6:00pm in the Public Lounge
area, then after an hour or three we will make our way to a dinner
location (TBD) for our Christmas Party.
AUSTIN HACKERSPACE:9701 Dessau Road, Building 3, Suite 304, Austin TX
Please text me if you have any questions...
Perling,~ Will the Chill, Austin.pm Prez512.563.7984 cell
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