APM: Question about learning Perl

Mark Voltz mark.voltz at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 11:52:04 PST 2013

I hope this is an appropriate question for this group.

At some point in your life you didn't know Perl (that's my assumption
anyway).  What book/class/mentor... helped get you from beginner to
wherever you are now?

Was it a mixture of multiple influences?  Is there an indispensable Perl
book that you all have on your shelves?

I'm curious because I'd like to learn more Perl but I've got serious
limitations on my time.  I don't want to shortcut the learning journey but
I really don't want to pick up just any old book that may lead me down the
wrong path.

I guess I'd also like to know if there are materials to avoid as well.

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