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Wed Dec 4 08:03:34 PST 2013

Hey Guys,

One thing I meant to ask around but ran out of time, is if anyone has any contacts with someone in a local school or community college.  I'm pretty stoked to teach a programming class but I don't know anyone around here to get an in with the coordinator.  If anyone has a suggestion or could make an introduction I'd be very grateful.



On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 11:09 PM, Will Braswell <wbraswell at hush.com> wrote:
Howdy Mongers,

We had an awesome meeting tonight, Jeff Benton gave a very informative presentation about the use of Catalyst at his company Algebraix.

Tonight is the last night to make a pledge to support our new RPerl compiler on Kickstarter, please take the time to do so now if you haven't already!


The famous Catalyst and Perl hacker Matt Trout (mst) will be coming to visit Austin for much of December and early January.  There was consensus at tonight's meeting that we should hold special meeting(s) with mst, I'll write back to the list once he tells me his schedule over the next few weeks.

Thanks everyone!

~ Will, Austin.pm Prez
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