APM: Moving to Downtown Austin - Looking for someone who enjoys web services, long walks and the Apache API

David Koston dave at kostonconsulting.com
Sat Dec 17 17:11:42 PST 2011

Hey Anyone or Everyone,
	I'm moving my business to downtown and I'm looking for someone who is game to hack on web services in Perl and may or may not be interested in working on the Apache API in C. I've got a number of neat projects going OneClickSSL for GlobalSign, SEO Tools for Attracta and some others and I'm looking to expand the team. 

The company:

My background:

I'm looking for people who are looking to work for a small company with great job growth and partnership potential. You should have 3+ years in OO Perl doing something (hopefully more than 1 thing) that someone would get pissed about if it broke. You should also have read way too many RFCs and STDs for one lifetime.

Shoot me an email with your background or give me a call if you're interested. 

Dave Koston
dave at kostonconsulting.com

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