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Thu Jul 1 08:47:03 PDT 2010

I'm looking into a solution to collecting logs on at least a hundred or so servers, and possibly somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 million endpoints (and that could grow 2-3x).

I've been googling around and found:

Snare - mix of proprietary and open source solution, is based around a central collection service/server which is very appealing
AWStats - this one is more for single server analysis and just doesn't feel right
MindTreeInsight - Jave and open source, will likely look a little deeper into this one
LASSO - Open Source and seems to be Windows only
syslog-ng - this has been around forever and is scripted based, doesn't scale the way I'd like
Analog - this one I'm not familiar with, currently researching
Webalizer - is more focused on single server analysis and may have scaling issues, currently researching
Yaala - not familiar with this one at all, still researching

Any that you know if that I missed? If you have a favorite can you share in 3-5 sentences why? Scaling is important.

I was also looking at a JASON based log analysis tool but didn't find any. This tech looks like a good way to approach this problem. Scaling might be an issue.

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