APM: Austin Perl Mongers Meeting

Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at io.com
Wed Aug 25 07:46:43 PDT 2010

At 08:21 AM 8/25/2010, Jonathan Taylor wrote:
>Chinese food tonight! I'd be honored by your presence. :-)

Many regrets on my part.  Still stuck 1000 miles away in Kentucky 
until mid-Sept.  Maybe I'll manage some Pad Thai at the local 
Viet/Thai/Chinese place tonight.  I know I'll miss the Perl.  :-(

>On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 4:47 PM, Jonathan Taylor 
><<mailto:elderling at gmail.com>elderling at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm going to be at 
><http://www.asiamarketaustin.com/restaurantHome.html>Asia Cafe, 
>which next to 
>from 7-9pm on Wednesday, August 25. If any of you are interested in 
>chatting with someone who still actively uses Perl, please join me 
>there. I'll be the big fellow with the stack of O'Reilly books on 
>his table. I can't guarantee the quality of the conversation, but 
>the Chinese food is excellent. ;-)
>Hope to see you there,
>Jonathan W. Taylor
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