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Tue Nov 10 06:22:14 PST 2009

Good Morning,

I'd like to propose a small change in the way the Hack Society meetings are held. In particular I'd like to ask all/any attendees to bring some topics of discussion from current events that will involve science-technology and having impact on our society in social, economic, legal, etc. ways.

My current list is:

MIT News -- What computer science can teach economics

ZDNet -- The importance of Sixth Sense going open source

Book Review -- "The Big Question: Tackling the Problems of Philosophy with Ideas from Mathematics and Science" Steven E. Landsburg

Science Daily -- 'Plasmobot': Scientists to Design First Robot Using Mould

SCOTUS Blog -- Analysis: The "Lorenzo Jones" case emerges (re: Bilski case on business process patents)

The RackspaceCloud Blog -- NoSQL Ecosystem (re: non-RDBMS DBs and scaling issues)

Examiner.com -- US Navy ordered to listen for Martian Radio Broadbasts in 1924 (ie before official SETI programs)

Esquire -- Augmented Reality issue

Ars Technica -- Examining science on the fringes: vital, but generally wrong

The way this would work is you find something that strikes your fancy that may/will have an impact in 'hacking' society and bring an exemplar like a print out of the article, the book, magazine, etc. If you have technology demonstrations they are welcome as well. There is wi-fi provided by the venue if you need net access. 

7-9pm at the HEB Central Market on N. Lamar, look for the red covered "Applied Cryptography" book.

Thank you for participating!

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