APM: Nobody Hates Software More Than Software Developers

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I can't agree with this more, a day doesn't go buy that I don't want to physically kill somebody over some design/implementation decision with a piece of software. A good example is SuSE since it's been purchased by Novell. I started Linux about two weeks after it was released, tsx-11.mit.edu and many hours and floppies later... I started using Slackware when it released it's first distro and kept using it. One picky issue for me was there was simply no way to upgrade when a new release came out, you had to wipe the whole machine and start over. This was a problem for me in spreading Linux (but not for me personally as I rip my machines apart and rebuild them about once a year anyway). So these bright boys in Germany decided to do something about it and took Slackware and munged it until you could do upgrades, and it was good, very good for many years. Then Novell bought them and over the last two major releases, SuSE 10 and 11, my frustration level at the plethora of 'corporate mindset' (ie bullshit) build decisions has taken an excellent product and eviscerated it. For something like two years now I've been slowly building resources and processes for Confusion Research Center and one of these is the servers this will require. SuSE has gotten so bad that I've decided that when I tear my current boxes down in the near term SuSE will not be going on them. I've looked at Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc. and I've pretty much started to lean on going back to something like a cross between Damn Small Linux and Linux from Scratch. I've been buying various distros from OSDisc.com (which I highly recommend!!!!) and none of them seem to scratch my itch.

Enough whinning...

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