APM: TRG Maker SIG - Thu. July 23 Schedule -- Soldering & Lego Mindstorms

jameschoate at austin.rr.com jameschoate at austin.rr.com
Mon Jul 20 18:39:13 PDT 2009

The next (first) meet of the TRG Maker SIG will happen this Thursday.

7-8pm  Basic Soldering (if you have soldering irons and/or basic tools like wire cutters and long nose please bring them)

8-8:30pm TRG Weekly Business

8:30 - 10pm Lego Mindstorms - Bring your laptop and any Lego Mindstorms you have...we'll be building our basic robot and getting the tool chain setup. If we're lucky we'll get some bump switch code written.

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James Choate
jameschoate at austin.rr.com
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