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      Fellow Austin Geeks,

      As you know, I've cut back on the GeekAustin parties because I've been working on the GeekAustin free IT classes and Linux Against Poverty.

      I've just published the July update at the Linux Against Poverty website:


      The first Austin install fest will be on Saturday August 1st. We can still use a few more volunteers. We can also use your leftover computers (tax receipts can be provided). If your employer has a stack of decommissioned computers (you know -- those windows machines that became virus ridden from surfing myspace and whatever else). We'll put Linux on them and distribute them to children who need them.

      We are now starting to solicit sponsors. Some of the items we will need to rent for the install fest are work tables and chairs, extension cables and network cables. We'd also like to provide beverages and snacks for the volunteers. If you or your company would like to be a sponsor for LinuxAgainstPoverty, send me a note at lynnbender at geekaustin.org

      We are also seeking translators to help render the LAP docs in to other languages. If you're a native or near native speaker of Spanish, French, German, or Dutch, and would be interested in helping out, send me a note.

      After the install fest, there will be a party. Everyone knows how I like parties, and I'm looking to make this one double plus good. Having a volunteer badge at the party will most likely have some benefits. wink wink.

      You can find all the details at:


      -Lynn Bender

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