APM: spamassassin learning

Keith Howanitz kh at greenshire.com
Fri May 19 07:55:04 PDT 2006

I have a couple of questions I have been meaning to ask since the lecture 
on Spamassassin (It was great btw - thanks again.)

If I understood you correctly, you said you keep _all_ of your spam for 
teaching the baysian filter....

1) Is there a benefit to teaching a filter on items it marked as spam and 
autolearned from?

2) I both rewrite the header, and use the "report_safe" feature - would I 
need to prefilter those things out of email before giving it to sa-learn? 
If so - is there a tool to do so?

3) On one mail system, I currently use spamassassin as a proxy filter 
before mail goes to its final destination on another server. I have set 
up a mail box for users to forward false negatives (and another for the 
few false positives) and run sa-learn on those items once a week. Should I 
be stripping headers that are added by their email clients before using 
sa-learn on these messages?


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