APM: December meeting, or just food?

Bob Apthorpe apthorpe+pm at cynistar.net
Mon Dec 11 07:04:00 PST 2006


Taylor Carpenter wrote:
> I'd be happy to attend a "normal" meeting or just the food thing...   
> As long as the meeting is not next Wed.  I am finally back in town  
> from all my traveling, except for next wed... :)

I'm back from LISA 2006 in DC - has there been any progress on a
December meeting date?

FWIW, I took 3 half-day tutorials on perl from David Blank-Edelman and
Chip Salzenberg. I saw some pretty cool stuff on closures & refactoring,
plus I've been working a lot with Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic lately so
I'd be willing to talk in January or February if there's interest. LISA
2007 is going to be in Dallas this November so mark your calendars...

-- Bob

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