APM: Regular Expression Question

Barron Snyder (CE CEN) Barron.Snyder at wholefoods.com
Wed Aug 16 07:32:57 PDT 2006

$piece =~ s/\t/\"\t\"/g;


With the above code I'm searching for all tab characters and replacing
them with a tab surrounded by double-quotes. Is there a way without
putting this in a coding loop, to replace say, only the first three
instances it finds in $piece? It seems like a nice way to do this would
to be able to replace the "g" with an integer indicating how many
replacements to do but it doesn't seem to work like that <grin>.


I'm parsing some columnar data (7 columns) and I want to put
double-quotes around the first six columns. I've figured out a way to do
it but it's kind of clumsy. I thought you experts may be able to show a
Perl newbie a more elegant way to do it.




Barron Snyder

Software Development, Financial Systems Team

Whole Foods Market, HQ

barron.snyder at wholefoods.com


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