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David Bluestein II dbii at interaction.net
Wed Sep 21 08:02:56 PDT 2005

In light of some of our recent discussions, I wanted to cross post 
this. While Perl and Java are definitely very different, this may be of 
interest to Perl members for the overall content on AJAX, since it 
seems to be an overview of the technology/process, rather than Java 
itself. Just an FYI for those interested.


Tuesday September 27, 2005 Meeting - Austin Java Users Group

WHEN:      Tuesday, September 27, 2005 7-9 P.M.
WHERE:     Embassy Suites Hotel
TOPIC:     Injecting Life into Boring Web Applications with AJAX
SPEAKER:   Steve Benfield

Our September meeting is graciously sponsored by ClearNova

Main Course

      Injecting Life into Boring Web Applications with AJAX

              by Steve Benfield,
                 VP of Strategy & Technology Evangelism,

AJAX is hot hot hot. The techniques of AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript
+ XML) have been under our noses for years but in the past few months
the term has spread across the web development community like wildfire.
Is AJAX for real or will it wind up in the architects junkpile like
Entity Beans? Will AJAX fulfill users desires to have web applications
behave like their older client/server applications?

In this session we'll cover how AJAX works, discuss architectural
considerations for building AJAX-enabled applications, build a live
AJAX application with JSPs, see real-world AJAX examples, discuss
using AJAX for returning dynamic data vs. dynamic GUI elements, and
cover emerging AJAX frameworks. We'll end with a demonstration and
comparison of an AJAX enabled business application vs. a traditional
HTML app. Finally we'll discuss what our team had to consider and
some of the pitfalls we found when it came to implementing our own
AJAX framework.

About the Speaker

   Steve Benfield, VP of Strategy & Technology Evangelism, ClearNova

   Steve has been involved in Java & web development since 1996 and
   is former CTO of SilverStream Software. He has spoken previously
   at AJUG as well as Java One, Web Services Edge, Software Development
   Expo, OMG, Gartner Symposium, and Comdex. Steve guarantees that you
   will not fall asleep at this presentation and you will walk away
   with a clear understanding of AJAX.

Meeting Location & Time
   Meeting at the Embassy Suites on North Mopac from 7 - 9 PM
   (Networking follows at Baby Acapulco)


   Driving Directions:

       Embassy Suites, 9505 Stonelake Blvd
       From Mopac Loop 1 - Exit Capital of Texas Hwy. 360, take
       the turn around to the access road south, turn right onto York,
       then left onto Stonelake Blvd. The hotel is on the left.

   It's located behind Comp USA and across the street from the ACT III
   Gateway 16 theater.

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