APM: Framework help: Can HTML::Template do this? If not, what CPAN module can?

Bill Raty bill.raty at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 14:58:52 PDT 2005

I'm trying not to reinvent the wheel, but I'm having difficulty determining 
if the wheel I'm needing has been invented. 
I've looked at HTML::Template POD, and I get the basic concept. In my 
ignorance I'm failing to see how I can apply it to my problem, and ifthere 
are other CPAN modules that are better suited to my task. 
I want to have a DWIMy page component system so that page controls can be 
called out and "Do The Right Thing". Example: 
I have a calendar input widget set that requires pieces of HTML, JavaScript, 
and CSS, which need to be exposed in the container page; a script tag in the 
"head", a 'div' that needs to appear early on inside the "body" tag, and the 
'input' tag that has event handlers that usethe earlier script tag. 
 I'd like a system that abstract the container page, that lets me develop 
the calendar control component as if it were the containing page, but when 
added/included/embedded in the container page the system smartly places the 
control component elements in the correct part of the containing page. The 
clincher is the second add of the calendar widget doesn't duplicate the 
'script' and 'div' tags, but only interjects the 'input' tag for the second 
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