APM: Call for Meeting Topics (and suggestions)

David Bluestein II dbii at interaction.net
Tue May 31 21:31:55 PDT 2005

At the April meeting, several topics were brought up as potential 
topics, please add to the list or volunteer to take on one of these. 
Anyone at the last meeting that has one I missed, send it to the list 
and I'll compile things.

The topics suggested were:

Image Graphics, Part II: Mark Lehmann
Perl and CORBA: Bill Raty
Remote Debugging: Wayne/Chris
Favorite Perl Modules/Handy Tools: Group
Problem Solving Meeting: Group
Special Guest (who may be in town)

What else do you want to hear about? Programming techniques? Products? 
Interesting Perl hacks?

Let us know, the next meeting is in two weeks

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