APM: FWIW-- Debugging enabled Test::Unit::TestCase

Bill Raty bill_raty at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 21:56:45 PDT 2005

At tonight's meeting I had some action items.

1- Share debugging enabled Test::Unit::TestCase (see

2- Debugger command to save debugger history

   save filename

FYI #1 (from 'perldebug' man page)

If you set $DB::single to 2, it's equivalent to having just
typed the n command, whereas a value of 1 means the s command. 
The $DB::trace  variable should be set to 1 to simulate having
typed the t command. 

FYI #2 (from 'perldebug' man page)

As shipped, the only command-line history supplied is a
simplistic one that checks for leading exclamation points. 
However, if you install the Term::ReadKey and Term::ReadLine
modules from CPAN, you will have full editing capabilities much
like GNU readline(3) provides. Look for these in the
modules/by-module/Term directory on CPAN. These do not support
normal vi command-line editing, however.  



On the requirements it said: Windows 98 or better - so I installed Linux.
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