APM: [Fwd: (Google) Sr. Linux Cluster System Admin. & Sr. Software Engineer/Unix System & Network Administrator (2 Job Openings)]

Dzuy Nguyen dzuy at infinity-studios.com
Thu May 5 07:43:13 PDT 2005

It would be very difficult to be a sys admin that lives thousands of 
miles away from
the servers.  Very interesting jobs, though.  It would be ideal if 
google had built an
op center here.

Robert Haig wrote:

>I like how they now add "relocation is a must"
>twice this guy has contacted me about this position, and twice I've told him 
>that hell would freeze over before I lived in california, but he could pay me 
>the Mountain View salary, I'd live in Austin, and fly myself to meetings
>once a week.
>guess they've gotten a lot of those responses.

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