APM: Creating PDF with Perl

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I had the same problem awhile back, and ended up using PDF::Create (also 
on CPAN).  It has a few bugs though,
like it doesn't handle escaping unpaired ()'s, as required per the PDF 
spec.  But, it's straight Perl (no XS mods) and 
at around 65K, it's much smaller than PDF::API2 (which is ~ 20meg).  But 
it's also much less flexible.  If I were doing 
anything other than simple black and white text with limited fonts, I'd 
seriously look at using something else, like 

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APM: Creating PDF with Perl

Okay, I'm looking to create PDF files from Perl. I know there is 
PDF::API2 module, but didn't know if anyone else had found a more 
elegant solution to this problem. I've also done the Latex to PDF, but 
am seeking if there is a better solution.


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