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DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: The job opening is for the CPG Targeting Team.
This team is responsible for all supply side indices which get fed into
the CPG business units. The team must make targeting recommendations for
the fab, and watch over the process technology looking for potential
disruptions in total supply or bin distribution.

SPECIFIC JOB FUNCTIONS: Key Job Functions: 1) Review Wafer Electrical
Test and processor performance data in order to predict and maintain
product speed/power goals. 2) Develop new tools to assist in supply side
indices generation and performance prediction. 3) Interface daily with
Dresden-based process development engineers, yield engineers and product
development engineers as well as with a variety of stateside engineering
groups. 4) Inform the CPG business unit of any potential supply
disruptions early enough to minimize or eliminate customer impact. 5)
Provide long term speed and power predictions into the CPG business
planning process. This information acts as the basis for high level
decisions such as building new fabs or increasing capacity in existing

PREFERRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: BS and 5+ years experience, MS and
3+ years experience, or Ph.D and 1+ years experience desired. Background
in Electrical Engineering, semiconductor device physics and/or process
development is a must. Strong programming skills are also required:
Pearl, Visual Basic, C, Unix Scripting, MySQL. A background in
statistics would also be a plus. At AMD, we are committed to equal
employment opportunity. AMD does not accept resumes from headhunters,
placement agencies or other suppliers that have not signed a formal
agreement with us. Our supplier base is restricted to specified hiring
needs. Therefore, any resume received from an unapproved supplier will
be considered unsolicited, and AMD will not be obligated to pay a
referral or placement fee. 

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