APM: Error in Catalyst Presentation

David Bluestein II dbii at interaction.net
Thu Jul 21 07:46:13 PDT 2005

Thanks to everyone who helped during the presentation last night. I my 
stupid mistake, which I should have caught due to the output (which I 
thought looked weird). In the &edit : Local in my Page.pm controller, I 
had 'base' the text string instead of $base the variable. So everything 
was working, I was missing a $ (must have thought it was line noise). 
Oh well, I'll bring my laptop in August if anyone wants to see it in 
action before/after the meeting.

Next up, I'm moving it to HTML::Template, then I'll migrate it to 
mod_perl. I'll update the list as I move forward. For those who missed 
the changes for mysql:

dbi:SQLite:/path/to/minimojo.db  ---> dbi:mysql:nameofmysqldatabase

Note that the missing modules for the javascript post were:


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